The Brownstone Pancake Factory is a popular eatery in Edgewater, New Jersey, known for its famous pancake wraps and outrageous milkshakes. It is the vision from owner, Bobby Bournias¬†who wanted to expand the concept of his family’s hugely successful Jersey City location further north up the Hudson River.

The goal of this project was to create a new brand identity that leveraged existing brand equity. We collaborated with interior designer, Vanessa DeLeon, who designed the space that mixed industrial design and surreal art. The interior design style was the inspiration for the new logo and mark which create a connection between the locations thorough subtle design influences.

Client Industry
Brand Identity
Logo Design, Print, Web/Digital, Motion/Film

The newly created identity system is used on everything from the building’s exterior signage to proprietary branded products such as coffee. Employees proudly wear uniforms emblazoned with the “B” mark and customers pick up take out in beautiful, sturdy, branded bags, and coffee cups. Need Pancakes!

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